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Strange outrage over Fry-dian slip

I find the outrage concerning Stephen Fry's comments exasperating (Comment, November 4), primarily because the issue has prompted interesting discussions about female and male sexuality among my friends.

No one was outraged, no one was militant or snide, no one felt the need to degrade Fry or paint him as ignorant. This might be because, in spite of its bestseller status, we might be the only ones who have actually read The Fry Chronicles.

This book makes it clear just how peculiar Stephen Fry's opinions and feelings about sex are.

In it, he writes of his infamous Tatler article in which he outlined his distaste for "being cursed by nature with an urgent instinct" to rummage around the "damp, dark, foul-smelling and revoltingly tufted areas that constitute the main dishes in the banquet of love".

I understand that here he is talking about himself and his own disgust with sex, but it's these very opinions and sensations that inform his judgment on what women may, or may not, think.

So his comments should be placed not in the context of society but in the context of Stephen Fry.


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