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Strike a flags deal to cover every council

IF you are a unionist, the flags issue must surely be one of the easiest to solve.

Currently, councils either a) fly the Union flag every day, b) fly it on designated days, or c) fly a 'neutral' flag.

In spite of the fact that support for Irish unity has declined significantly (News, September 17), the numbers voting for nationalist, or republican, parties is steadily increasing.

Many councils that currently have a secure unionist majority may in the future have a nationalist majority, or rely on minority votes on issues such as this.

Unless we choose a solution now, we will have one forced on us. Surely, the logical thing for intelligent unionism is to agree a single solution for the whole of Northern Ireland?

All councils should fly the British flag on designated days – enforced by law at Stormont. This solution will allow the DUP to claim a small victory, allow nationalists to avoid feeling excluded from their councils and stop politicians wasting time on an issue like this.

Perhaps then our politicians can turn their minds to less glamorous, but more important issues, such as the education system and the protection of children in care.



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