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Stub it out for good this time

Quitting smoking isn't easy. Most of the nine million UK smokers say they'd like to quit and many have tried to stop several times.

If you've tried and failed, it's easy to give up hope. But you'll find few ex-smokers who quit the habit on their first attempt.

So how can you make sure this quit attempt is your last?

Quit with others. Surveys show that more than two million smokers are ready to stub it out on No Smoking Day, March 10.

Stay on track with online support. You can join the No Smoking Day forum to share your thoughts.

Get free local help. Find your nearest NHS stop smoking service; you're up to four times more likely to succeed with their help.

To find out more about quitting, click and say 'I'm out!' once and for all.


President, No Smoking Day


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