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Students better off targeting air seat sales move

I have a lot of sympathy for the students protesting at the rise in university fees. I certainly believe that investing in education will prove highly beneficial to our society in many ways.

Having said that, those on low pay who are about to lose their jobs or face increasing taxes must feel that there is more than a little self interest in their protests all the more futile as our City Hall representative will have no say university fees here.

In my day students stood up for human and civil rights and against racism and war. I fear that the protesters at the City Hall would be better employed protesting at things they may be able to effect such as the absurd free hand recently given to Belfast City Airport to use the biggest noisiest planes in future and create even more headaches for the residents whose homes they pollute.

Our students should be objecting to Minister Poots’ bewildering decision to forgive Belfast City Airport for breaching the seats for sale restriction and allowing BCA to perpetuate the myth that the terminal building capacity was the only reason for the restriction in the first place.

The seats for sale restriction was put in place to ensure that ‘a limit of 2m on seats for sale would be a constraint on the aircraft mix and would prevent it changing substantially towards larger aircraft' (Examination in Public, 2006) and Minister Poots |should be ashamed for his |actions.



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