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Students using 'smart' drugs are simply stupid

Students in the north-east of England are being warned not to gamble with their health by abusing prescription drugs, specifically so-called 'smart' drugs. I thought it was worth extending the warning to students in Northern Ireland.

Stimulant drugs - known as 'smart' drugs', 'cognitive enhancers' or 'brain boosters' -are being used by students in order to supposedly aid their study.

But the use of these drugs is not 'smart' - it's outright stupid. When you realise that these drugs create terrible effects, their use is testimony to a 'smart' pharmaceutical marketing strategy that has duped individuals into thinking there are benefits from taking them.

Some of the side-effects associated with stimulant drugs include aggression, blurred vision, depression, dizziness, drowsiness, hallucinations, headaches, nausea, restlessness, nervousness, stomach aches, anxiety, seizures, irritability, vomiting, psychosis or paranoia, stunted growth and suicidal thoughts.

Stimulant drugs are also known as 'gateway drugs' that lead to addiction to street drugs, like cocaine.

The claims made for these drugs are nothing more than a profit-driven marketing technique at the expense of healthy individuals. Don't buy the hype.


Citizens Commission on Human Rights

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