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Sub teachers are vital to the education system

I would like to respond to some of the commentary which has spoken of the cost of providing substitute teachers.

Schools need subs, when staff are absent or on courses.

It is part and parcel of the education system - not some wasteful add-on.

It enables full-time teachers to maintain their professional development, and teachers who are ill to take time off while they recuperate.

Classes need to have a professional teacher in front of them during each lesson. Either that, or send them home.

I object to the glib way in which sub teachers are being characterised as if they were living off the education budget like some kind of parasite. I am a teacher who took early retirement.

I am receiving a pension which is not adequate to meet my or my family's needs.

I have to continue to work as a teacher to be able to pay the bills, as well as assist my two children at university.

It is not the case that all retired teachers who continue to work can afford not to work.

This is my profession. I have a lot of experience as a teacher, and a lot to offer.

I teach because I have to. I don't just teach to provide myself with the luxuries of life.