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Such a lack of common sense at our airports

On Monday, June 14, my husband and I travelled from Belfast International Airport to Newcastle on the 8.30am Easyjet flight. We had only hand luggage so checked in accordingly.

As my husband went through the scanner the alarm sounded and he was duly searched. He told the searcher that this happens frequently as he has an artificial hip.

This did not suffice - another searcher was called and my husband was marched off to a side rom, the door was locked and he was searched by both individuals.

Before he was led away I was told to stand back and not go near him. Eventually he was allowed to travel and we only just caught our plane.

This may all sound somewhat trivial, but I should tell you my husband is 87, had no jacket on, was carrying only a small rucksack containing a newspaper, spectacles, his wallet (which was also searched).

Surely it should have been obvious looking at a man of his age that the chances of being a terrorist are minute.

Did they think he was going to pass a gun, or drugs to me.

While I fully understand the need for vigilance, surely a degree of common sense could be used.


Hawick, Roxburghshire


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