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Suffering is why all religions exist

Rather than "the rock upon which religions perish" as Ciaran Mulgrew suggests (Write Back, March 28) in reply to my letter, suffering is ultimately the reason that all religions exist.

What other reason is there for them if it is not to reassure people that their suffering is not in vain?

Suffering is at the core of the human condition and those who deny this are deluded.

According to Ciaran: "Either God can do nothing to stop suffering, or he doesn't care to stop it, or he doesn't exist. He is either impotent, evil, or imaginary." (Quote from American philosopher, Sam Harris – I am honoured that he needed to go so far for an answer to my argument).

Miracles can happen so God is not impotent. Suffering leads to empathetic people and so the source cannot be evil. That God is imaginary is just an atheist delusion.

John O'Connell,


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