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Suicide is never an answer to suffering

Suicide is in the news once again, with distressing and unfathomable reports of so many more people lost tragically to their families, friends and loved ones.

It's often described as a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

And so it is, because there is no challenge in life, no matter how seemingly insurmountable, that can't be overcome with the help and support of a friend, or one of the brilliant agencies that will go to any lengths to keep hope alive.

There are many reasons why we should avoid this horrific option, among them the unbearable loss to those we care about.

But I'd like to share another reason for not taking our leave of this world prematurely.

I happened to take an interest a few years ago in NDEs (near-death Experiences), situations where people are revived after being declared clinically dead.

There are the well-known stories of people seeing angels and deceased loved ones, but, for me, an intriguing statistic is that the overwhelming majority of those revived after failed suicide attempts worldwide are happy to be "back"and relieved they didn't succeed in ending their lives.

I won't get into any religious, or spiritual, beliefs associated with NDEs. I just feel they speak volumes about how precious life itself is and maybe serve a purpose in reminding us that it's worth looking at other options and seeking the help that is always there when those dark, self-destructive thoughts threaten our wellbeing.

Let's give life a chance - for our own sake and that of all the people who would grieve our loss.

And let's look out for anyone who needs help in opting for life over death.


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