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Summit is needed on European plan

All structures are only as strong as the foundations they are built on. The European Union began life back in the 1950s as a loose alliance of coal and steel countries in a continent torn apart by war.

Other countries joined, leading to today's edifice. Every project has an end-date, but the EU seems to be a never-ending "work in progress". Have the leaders ever asked: where are we going with this? What is the finished article going to look like?

Instead, we get woolly, vague concepts like "closer integration" and "pooled sovereignty". How much sovereignty can you trade without being left a mere puppet?

It's time that a European summit be called and a road map be laid out as to where Europe is going, what is the end-date to the project, or is the structure going to be added to into infinity, creaking under foundations which were never designed for such a burden?


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