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Sunday's not sacred according to my Bible

The Rev Philip Campbell (Write Back, June 13) writes that Sunday is a day for honouring God in public and it is always a blessing if we honour God and His law.

I do not know which "law" the Rev Campbell is referring to, but there is no commandment from God about Sunday, which is the first day of the working week in the Bible.

The only day sanctioned by God and kept by Jesus is the Sabbath - ie Saturday, or the seventh day, the day upon which God rested after Creation and which He detailed in the Ten Commandments to be remembered and kept holy. Venerating Sunday due to the belief that the Resurrection took place on this day does not do this.

Jesus said He was Lord of the Sabbath, not Sunday, and there is no commandment in the Bible to support its observance as a rest day in place of the Sabbath.

People may wish to keep Sunday holy for whatever reason they may find, but we are not commanded to do so by God in Scripture.

That day is the Sabbath day, sadly renamed after Saturn (Saturday) and now the busiest commercial day of the week. So much for honouring God and His law.


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