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Support for families affected by diabetes

THERE remain many unknowns with Type 1 diabetes, but what we do know is that when the diagnosis comes, it is usually out of the blue and impacts the whole family.

Type 1 diabetes is prevalent in children and young people and has nothing to do with diet, or lifestyle, but is in fact an auto immune condition with no cure.

We also know that there are over 1,000 children in Northern Ireland living with Type 1 diabetes.

Diabetes UK Northern Ireland is proud to provide a Parent Peer Support Service for parents whose children have been diagnosed with, or who have been living with the condition for some time.

We have a number of trained parents who will be that listening ear, offering parent-to-parent support and will help signpost to relevant information. They cannot give medical advice, but they can help support other parents through the ups and downs of caring for a child with this very serious condition.

If you would like to speak to one of our team, then please call us - 028 9068 6305 - or email us at:

The phone line operates Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm and will be picked up by our staff and after hours calls will be responded to the next working day.


National director, Diabetes UK Northern Ireland

Tough action needed over fuel fraudsters

I WANT to bring to your readers' attention the recent facts that have emerged surrounding the number of fuel fraudsters receiving sentences here in Northern Ireland.

Disturbingly, only one conviction out of 56 over the past five years has resulted in a custodial sentence.

These criminals have cost our Government so much money and yet the Executive is seemingly not too concerned about it.

South Armagh, in particular, is renowned for fuel fraud and, more unfortunately, it is also renowned for having very little justice when it comes to tackling paramilitary activities.

I do wish this Government would see sense and clamp down now on the criminals openly getting away with these acts.

The Justice Minister, who is working closely with the DUP and Sinn Fein in Government, is yet to publish any plan which will tackle the heart of the problem.


Aughnacloy, Co Tyrone

Why not make Newry politically neutral?

THE children's play park in Newry named in honour of Raymond McCreesh should have its name changed.

If political parties and relatives want to commemorate Raymond McCreesh, there are other ways to do that without upsetting unionists.

I know the area well. Newry is an attractive location and it does not need to have playgrounds, or any other amenity, named after political figures.

The same could be said for the Albert Basin and Victoria Dock on the Newry canal. For a mainly nationalist town, it is odd that these names from the British royalty were kept.

My advice for councillors in the town would be to change these political names and make Newry a politically neutral town, where everyone feels welcome and comfortable.

Nationalists are not doing themselves any favours by calling children's playgrounds after IRA men. It has to be changed.



'Armed police' story just sensationalism

Shock. Horror. I saw some armed police in Tesco today. But, then, I saw some in M&S yesterday.

The reason, of course, is that all uniformed police officers on duty in Northern Ireland are armed routinely. Indeed, they have been armed for many, many decades.

So the use of the description "armed police" patrolling at two schools in Ballymoney over some alleged "killer clown" social media threats is wholly unnecessary.

Your reporter writes of the threats "fuelling fear" in the town. That situation, if true, would certainly not have been helped by a headline which declares: 'Armed police patrol two schools after killer clown issues social media threat', or a report which states that armed police were guarding the schools.

No doubt, if there were genuine concerns expressed locally, police were keeping an eye on the situation.

This type of reporting is simply sensationalist and not helpful to anyone - not least the pupils at the two schools, or their families.


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