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Support for Israel is good for democracy


Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

There are many issues that will determine how people will cast their vote in the General Election.

May I ask your readers to add to their considerations one of the most intractable problems of recent decades: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

In recent years, the international community, including Britain, has attempted to solve this dispute by admonishing Israel for defending itself, while ignoring violent Palestinian transgressions and an associated lobbying movement that is acting like a school bully.

That's a flawed strategy. Israel is a democracy with religious freedom, an unfettered Press, equal rights for all its citizens and a strong trade union movement.

And, like any democracy, it has a fundamental duty to protect its citizens from harm.

The men and women of violence will only be stopped when democratic nations stand firm against terror.

So, I'd ask your readers to consider asking the General Election candidates in their area to sign a pledge for Israel, a document that recognises the achievements and the challenges that this small nation faces in the maelstrom of the Middle East.

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Because peace will only be found with honesty.

You can sign the pledge for Israel by visiting www.israelbritain.org.uk/news.