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Surely it's time to vote on BBC privatisation

THERE is one certainty in life: politicians will never run short of work. They create one debacle after another, then hold an inquiry into what went wrong.

I say to those people like the former director-general of the BBC, who were in control when it came to paying out redundancy money: have you no shame?

Personally, I am sick, sore and tired of the abuse of taxpayers' money – money that was hard-earned by law-abiding people. Money that they should have been able to enjoy.

The BBC forgets that it is paid by the taxpaying public. It is accountable to the public.

Surely the time has come for a poll to be taken proposing the privatisation of the BBC, so those in control can be fired if they do not measure up?

It's an ever-changing world we live in. Privatising the BBC will go a long way to improving it.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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