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Surely Peter is innocent until proven guilty

On BBC Radio Ulster today I listened to the barrister Jim Allister speak about how Peter Robinson's position as First Minister was untenable and his apparent support for trial by media.

I have never before heard a legal person support any principle other than innocent until proven guilty.

I notice that he wasn't so critical of Gerry Adams being responsible for the actions of his brother, or not reporting his brother's actions sooner.

He put forward the suggestion that the DUP and Mr Robinson would be damaged at the ballot box - but I can tell him that, while I voted in the past for Jim Allister, I won't be voting for him again - and if the powers that be in DUP dump Mr Robinson, then I won't consider voting for them either.

I don't see how Mr Adams can be held responsible for the actions his brother.

Equally, I don't see how Mr Robinson can be held responsible for the actions of his wife.

We would do better to look for the good in people rather than a flimsy opportunity to destroy them.