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Survey shows we are all Ulster Unionists now

Some may say it's amazing, but according to Robin Wilson (Comment, April 14) - evidenced by the Belfast Telegraph's True Colours online survey - the political party that best reflects the aspirations of the people of Northern Ireland is . . . the Ulster Unionist Party.

Both on matters of policy and general political leaning, the Ulster Unionist Party is most accurately in tune with the heartbeat of Northern Ireland.

This should not be a big surprise. After all, it was the Ulster Unionist Party that created Northern Ireland, it was the Ulster Unionists that created the political space for the peace process and it was the Ulster Unionists that negotiated and delivered the structures that created the primacy of the consent principle.

Not only that, but a quick look around the current lead unionist party and no longer are the leading members the religious demagogues of the past. No: the Ulster Unionists have given the DUP the thinkers, the ideology and the personalities that have begun to turn a negative, obstructionist party into one that is changing.

Only the Ulster Unionist Party naturally reflects the people of Northern Ireland; only the Ulster Unionist Party has had the courage to take the hard decisions. Other parties may appear more slick, more dynamic and more buoyant; but such perceptions are simple allusions.

Behind the razzmatazz and personality cults, Northern Ireland needs a party that can deliver, has delivered and will deliver. Northern Ireland will need a party that accurately reflects the wishes and aspirations of the people.


Millisle, Co Down


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