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Sylvia Hermon fails to make her vote count

Another fortnight has elapsed and the MP for North Down has still not been sighted at Westminster and there are still no records of a contribution from Sylvia Hermon since March of this year, during the last Parliament.

The House of Commons is due to rise for its summer recess on July 27 and will not be recalled until September 6. If Lady Sylvia fails to make a late appearance, she will have ignored entirely the new Parliament's first session.

During the election campaign she promised to make "every vote count" as an independent. So far, more than 30 votes have taken place, with a new activist Government she claims to oppose getting into the swing of its first term in office.

Clearly none of these divisions has concerned Lady Sylvia or the voters of North Down.

It would be interesting to know whether she intends to start representing her constituents in September, or to continue to act like quasi-nobility.


Bangor, Co Down