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Syria action call mirrors Iraqi war mistakes

I AM flabbergasted that the West are considering the type of action in Syria that we remonstrated so much about in the war on Iraq.

Yes, chemical weapons have been used, but it is most certainly not clear who used them, and the politicians of the West have no more certainty than to say 'I think that the Assad regime might have done it'.

Few outside bodies have been on the ground in Syria, but representatives of the Peace Delegation to Mussalaha this summer detailed the real events in Syria.

They have uncovered that the so-called 'rebel' activity is primarily cover for Al-Qaida and such-like operatives, ferocious and merciless in their pursuit of bringing down Syrian society which had been a secular and largely successful society until these foreign terrorist operatives started to use Syria as their base to promulgate their fundamentalist rampage, since they have been pushed out of Afghanistan and Iraq.


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