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Syrian vote has set a course for common sense

FOR once, I feel proud that the MPs have done the right thing and stopped David Cameron's lunatic proposed Syrian adventure (News, August 30).

Hopefully, the Commons vote will influence other Nato countries not to intervene in Syria as well – who knows, if we are lucky, maybe even the US?

A few USAF bombings in Syria now would be the start of yet another long US military escalation until, several years down the line, the Americans finally give up and pull out, leaving the country (as was clearly the case in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan) in a worse shape than when they first went in.

I spent many years working with the American military in Europe and I was constantly appalled that so many ordinary Americans believe, deep in their psyche, that there is no problem, however fluid and complex, which cannot be solved by the simple application of sufficient American force.

This gunslinger mentality, which is so much a deep-rooted feature of American culture, is really the fundamental cause of so many of the world's problems.


Lipa, The Philippines

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