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Take care when using Bible as a sexual allegory

Observer (Write Back, December 31) did well to object to "the rather flippant comments from Keith Hugo" (Write Back, December 17).

Like Observer, I would have expected someone "who calls himself Canon" to have had a better knowledge of scripture.

In particular, his claim that "the intended victims in Sodom were angels, which makes it irrelevant to any discussion about same-sex human relations" is incorrect.

The people of Sodom were clearly not aware that Lot's visitors were angels, since they refer to them specifically as men (Genesis 19:5) and explicitly demand to "know" them - a standard euphemism for sexual relations.

Why should we take it for granted that two men living together are only doing so in order to indulge in sexual relations?

I would prefer to think that their motive is to share the exorbitant cost of housing.

'Honi soit qui mal y pense [Shameful is he who thinks evil (of others)]'


Salford, Greater Manchester


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