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Take gloves off to those who abuse society

In view of the £2 billion cuts in public spending soon to be imposed by the Government, undoubtedly affecting the prime services of one's daily life (security, education, health etc), surely the time has arrived to take the gloves off to those who abuse society.

A good example to start with is those who fail to turn up for the appointment they had with their GP or hospital.

I believe it was Dr Kieran Deeny who proposed that these people should be financially penalised - I would go further than that and make sure they are relegated to the bottom of the waiting list for their next appointment.

As the road carnage is still too high, next in my sights would be the people who drive their vehicles with no insurance and/or have no MOT, often under the influence of alcohol/drugs - I would quadruple the minimum financial penalty to £1,000.

The paltry £50 fines currently in force for a variety of criminal activities mean nothing to anybody nowadays - they need to financially "hurt".

Political wimps who choose to continually penalise law-abiding citizens - besides being a sign of incompetence - are cowardly and gutless and will not solve the economic disaster that we are now confronted with.


Kircubbin, Co Down


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