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Take off the kid gloves and deal with UDA

It is now time for the UDA to be treated as the criminal organisation it is.

The only reason this group exists is to provide cash, influence and power for its 'brigadiers' and other senior figures.

These individuals terrorise their own communities in a way that no modern democratic government should tolerate.

What makes matters worse is that not only is a blind eye turned to their activities, but also taxpayers' money is used to help bolster their positions.

The Secretary of State, PSNI, intelligence services and the dogs in the street know who the leaders of the UDA are.

They are also well aware of the illegal and immoral activities these individuals are involved in and the methods they use to exert their influence on our communities.

Margaret Ritchie's threat to withdraw funds is not sufficient to deal with the UDA's criminal empire.

It is now time the kid gloves came off. The PSNI and the Government will receive the support of all our communities if they take the resolute action required to rid us of these parasites.

Let's hope someone in authority listens to the people being oppressed by paramilitary scumbags.

Ex-Serviceman, Belfast

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