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Take to streets and demand the end of terrorism

The people in Northern Ireland should learn from the recent peace march in Turkey. Rarely, if ever, have we heard of "peace marches" in Northern Ireland. They have popped up, from time to time, in the shape of civil rights marches, but not in the pure "peace" sense (demanding an end to terrorism).

The irony is that every type of march takes place in Northern Ireland, except a march to end division.

Obviously, the people in Turkey want the terrorism to stop and it is so refreshing to see people taking a stand on something so detrimental to them.

The Turkey march was a movement where the ordinary people got to their feet to demand peace and for the terror to stop. People power can work in changing hearts and minds, if sufficiently sustained.

The people of Northern Ireland should take heart in the Turkey movement, who displayed a mind to end the scourge of terrorism.

Maybe someday the people in Northern Ireland will take to the streets in their tens of thousands to demand peace and for all terror activity to completely end without trace.

It hasn't happened yet, so get out there and demand it.


Shanbally, Co Cork

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