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'Taking back control' belief is just boggling

Despite the seriousness of the situation, I burst out laughing every time the likes of Johnson, Gove, Farage and the rest of the Out campaign bang on and on about how they will "take back control".

It's as if that, just by mentioning it often enough, it will become true, when in fact it is the most meaningless and misleading statement almost imaginable.

We are a small island in Europe with a hugely complex series of relationships with other countries in Europe and, if we leave the EU, the true fact is we will have no control over the impact events in these other countries will definitely have on us if things fall apart.

Are they really that stupid to believe that, if Europe fractures, the eurozone collapses, disorder and disharmony returns and the far-Right grows, we'll be all right, Jack, because we will have "taken back control"? The utter stupidity of such a belief is boggling.

Of what will they take control? The world economy? European peace and harmony? Global trade?

The EU has issues that need to be fixed. But the best way to fix those is to be at the heart of the EU, where we can use our influence to take as much control of our destiny as is possible.


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