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Taking flight from Ryanair's luggage charge

I READ with absolutely no surprise that Michael O'Leary had invented another scheme to milk money from his passengers (News, June 2).

In his insatiable gluttony, he has lost sight of what should be the cutting edge of any type of business - customer service.

In this age of personal contact and local support being replaced by faceless international call-centre 'advisors', Ryanair has really stooped lower than them all.

Yes, Joe Public can avail of air travel that would have been way out of their financial ability years ago - and that's to be commended. And families that have been scattered throughout the British Isles and beyond can unite more often and very conveniently.

But no matter how short a flight is, it has always been a feature of air travel to be able to carry luggage, be it presents or clothing.

To impose financial hardship on such occasions is typical of Ryanair - given its history.

I would certainly agree with Sammy Wilson on this occasion: the public should really have the courage and confidence to walk away from Ryanair and give Mr O'Leary a lesson in the real value of a customer.




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