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Taking the hump over traffic calming measure

Drd Roads Service plan to install speed humps on our road in Bangor - Ballymaconnell Road South - a road that does not need them. I and other residents are concerned that money will be wasted traffic calming an already quiet and safe road.

There is a very busy, difficult junction nearby which we believe will be subjected to more traffic pressure as residents seek to avoid the jolting over humps as we travel out from and in to our homes.

The Roads Service admits that this scheme does not have widespread support in the area but is insisting on going ahead.

Between 2006 and 2009 there has only been one recorded minor road traffic collision - which was not attributable to speed and no other recorded accidents since 2001.

Ballymaconnell Road South does not have any schools, nursing homes, public buildings or play parks on it - all key criteria for the decision making process - and the PSNI, during speed detection operations in the area requested by DRD, had a zero result for excessive speed.

I am not against traffic calming measures where necessary.

But I am concerned that DRD will waste money installing speed humps where they will have a negligible effect on road safety when the money could be better spent.

Martyn Boyd



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