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Talks must flag up the legality of UVF banners

WITH people feeling offended by flags, it appears to have escaped the notice of the decision-makers that it is perfectly legal to carry UVF banners – in spite of the fact that this organisation has murdered hundreds of people.

I asked the PSNI to check out the carrying of a UVF banner at an Apprentice Boys parade through Coleraine on December 18, only to be told it was legal.

With so much time and effort going into flags during the Haass talks, I wonder if unionists have anything to say about this?

Surely we don't want to be constantly referring to the UDA and UVF as if there was something normal about such organisations?

To do so could mean that, in future, these terms may be 'legal' – just as the flag is.


MLA for East Londonderry

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