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Taoiseach came to a proper decision

After prolonged, intensive public scrutiny and speculation concerning personal finances, Bertie Ahern resigned, honourably.

Concurrently, Sinn Fein's military wing stole £26m from a bank, engaged in racketeering, smuggling, diesel laundering etc along the border, with other illegal fundraising abroad, such as in Colombia.

Reputedly, vast sums of money were converted into profitable assets, both at home and abroad.

Even if only a fraction of this is true, Sinn Fein is in a position to corrupt and distort the political and democratic processes, in both the north and south of Ireland, for decades.

Does anyone think they won't, or do we really care? After all, we have Bertie's head on a plate.

As someone once said to the righteous Scribes and Pharisees: 'You strain a gnat out of your drink, but swallow a camel'.



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