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Tax avoidance issue needs to be pursued

Well done to the Belfast Telegraph for exposing the BBC's complicity in setting up tax avoidance schemes for its fat-cat presenters and others (News, October 24).

The BBC forgets that it is a public sector body and its employees are public servants, paid through a most unfair system of taxation, namely the licence fee.

The BBC has now been exposed over its part in the Savile affair and it is just a matter of time before it will be exposed over paying its prima donna presenters hugely inflated wages through tax avoidance schemes.

It can only hide behind the Freedom of Information Act and defy the House of Commons public accounts committee for so long.

The Belfast Telegraph should keep digging into this, as well as the use of offshore and other investment instruments by the same presenters to avoid even more tax.

The awarding of BBC contracts in a very closed manner is another aspect of this scandal which should be exposed.

In the meantime, I believe there should be a nationwide boycott of the licence fee until the BBC cleans up its act.



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