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Tax credit cut will increase poverty levels

Usdaw, the union for shopworkers, is campaigning against the changes to tax credits that will take nearly £4,000 from low-income families with children, starting from next month.

The Government is demanding that more than 200,000 couples with children increase their hours of work from at least 16 per week to 24 between them, or they will lose their working tax credit, worth over 20% of their income.

With unemployment at more than 2.5 million nationally, finding extra work is difficult.

Government figures even show they expect nearly 300,000 children to go into poverty as a result.

If you are worried about how the changes to tax credits will affect you, call the tax credit helpline on 0845 300 3900.

If you are affected, there is advice at

And if you disagree with these changes, please contact your MP and ask him/her to call on the chancellor to use his Budget to cancel them.


General secretary, Usdaw


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