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Tax on the sick plan final proof Poots is a failure

SO, Minister of Health Edwin Poots thinks that we should reintroduce prescription charges. In essence, his view seems to be 'let the sick heal the sick'.

Surely in a caring, mature, modern society, the healthy look after the sick, the strong care for the weak?

Are diabetics to become a cash cow for the NHS? Are angina sufferers or asthmatics a revenue source for an underfunded healthcare system?

Surely we should be scrapping the junkets and ministerial waste. How many patients could have been treated for the waste surrounding the Maze fiasco, or the police college debacle? How many tablets could have been bought with the thousands of pounds wasted on NHS managerial away days, or de-stressing programmes?

And what happened to the efficiency savings the DUP promised? How can the DUP proclaim free prescriptions as a benefit of devolution in their manifestos and then turn round and seek to fund cancer treatment out of other people's suffering?

How come Scotland and Wales can provide free prescriptions and treat their cancer patients without having to tax the sick?

As we have already seen, Mr Poots is simply not up to the job, his so called healthcare reforms have stalled, his care for the elderly scheme is in tatters and his personal 'health crusades' are an embarrassment.

Simple message, Mr Poots: time to go.


Rostrevor, Co Down

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