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Team spirit is badly needed

It wasn't so long ago that one writer was ridiculed by other readers after suggesting that 'Norn Iron' should have its own rugby team (Write Back, September 7).

I fully supported his comments and I'm sure that he is now having at laugh at their expense. Ireland's performances have been nothing short of embarrassing.

One reason for this could be the manager's decisions to keep playing his favourites, who clearly were out of form, when there were Northern Irish players in form, sitting on the bench.

I may be wrong, but I think there was only one player from the North in the starting 15 in the last two matches, both of which Ireland comprehensively lost.

I, for one, would strongly welcome a split and there is no reason why a team from the North could not compete with the bigger teams, as they do in football.

William McCullough, Belfast

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