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Technology ruling modern-day lives

Technology is indisputably making a massive contribution towards modern-day progress, but is it also draining the humanity out of this country and rapidly turning its people into nerds and nonentities?

Most businesses are now conducted through the internet. 'Login' has become the keyword, with PIN codes replacing names and addresses in accessing all information and services.

Postal services and the postman's daily visit to townlands in the most remote parts is now being replaced with coded addresses and deliveries to official PO boxes.

People no longer chat to each other. They are too engrossed in their iPods and mobiles, sussing out social media, nattering to complete strangers while enveloped in a 'Cloud' of make-believe, far from reality.

With driverless cars, what will the world be like in just another 10 years' time? Your guess is as good as mine.


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