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Ted Kennedy ‘no friend of Irish’

I am writing in response to the plethora of letters, articles and eulogies to the late Senator Edward Kennedy that has been printed in the Belfast Telegraph and elsewhere.

Many of the letters and articles allude to Senator Kennedy as having been a ‘good friend of Ireland’.

I believe the opposite to be the case.

Early in Senator Kennedy’s political career, he championed the cause of Irish reunification.

However, he ultimately supported the Good Friday Agreement which recognised the political legitimacy of Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom, gave unionist voters in the north a veto over the issue of reunification, and required Ireland to relinquish its constitutional claim over the six northern counties.

In addition, Senator Kennedy accepted an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth for which he was quoted as being “deeply grateful to Her Majesty the Queen and to Prime Minister Brown for this extraordinary honour”.

Senator Kennedy a “good friend of Ireland”?

I think not!


Woodside, New York

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