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Teen hooligans deserve to be snapped up

I HAVE been listening to explanations as to why photographing underage rioters infringes their human rights.

Apparently, it will stigmatise them, creating problems in the future.

So what will happen if the PSNI is denied this most effective way of apprehending and deterring those involved in serious crime?

The annual jamboree that is Ardoyne/Derry etc will continue.

Those who encourage rioters will become emboldened and the parents, who clearly either approve of, or are indifferent to, their children's behaviour, will remain unaccountable for their appalling parental failures.

Meanwhile, the PSNI will continue to take the brunt of the violence, the people of Ardoyne will suffer the annual mayhem and the taxpayer will be left to pick up the bill - all in the name of human rights. You couldn't make it up.




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