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Telegraph editorials must be more constructive


The Belfast Telegraph professes to want normal politics, so why does its editorial snipe at those who attempt to bring about normalcy and give the benefit of the doubt to politicians failing to deliver at Stormont?

A reduction in corporation tax could revitalise the private sector and the Conservatives have done most to drive this idea forward.

Yet last week the Belfast Telegraph chose to blame the Government for any delay in cutting corporation tax, while ignoring the fact that local politicians have consistently sent out mixed messages on this issue and the current Finance Minister has ruled out a cut for at least four years.

Similarly, you lambasted the Government for announcing a wide-ranging and independent review of evidence on the Pat Finucane murder. This decision will save millions of pounds, reach the truth much more quickly than an open-ended inquiry and put previously unpublished material in the public domain.

Yet rather than make an objective assessment of the merits of a review, you chose to run misleading, knee-jerk headlines about David Cameron. The prevailing attitude was exemplified by Ed Curran's column (Comment, October 10), which attempted to blame all Northern Ireland's problem on the prime minister, and the violent rant by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown against all things Tory (Comment, October 14).

If we want normal politics, we need to take responsibility for our own problems.

The Belfast Telegraph can help take a lead by providing some balance in its editorials.

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