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Telegraph wrong not to show front of Charlie Hebdo

I was incensed when I read that the Belfast Telegraph would not reprint the Charlie Hebdo front page, and it goes without saying that I fully concur with the letter from John Wilson Foster (Writeback, Jan 16) criticising your decision not to do so.

Millions of copies of the magazine were sold, as fast as they became available, which I imagine must have created a global record in the newspaper industry.

And millions of people, from presidents and prime ministers to ordinary men, women and children, marched with defiance and deliberation to show condemnation for the barbarity inflicted on innocent people in France.

The public not only expects, but trusts that newspapers, along with other media outlets, will not shirk from publishing or televising any contentious issues, be they religious or political. When any section of the media chooses not to show anything that a section of the public finds disagreeable, we have lost our freedom and terrorism takes its place.



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