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Terror lockdown of Boston wrong

IT'S not difficult to understand the people of Boston entering a state of terror when surrounded by heavily armed police dressed for war telling them to stay in their homes.

But the message that sends to terrorists and potential terrorists is that similar tactics could close down 10 or 20 major cities in the US.

Intelligence services that rely too much on modern technology leave themselves wide open. In its reaction to the Boston bombings, the US has demonstrated to the world how weak and frightened it is, rather than how strong.

Europe has suffered far more terrorist attacks without locking down cities. In many countries of the Middle East, they are a daily occurrence.

They don't lock down. Nor do the places Americans send drones to every day. They can't, even though they know who the people terrorising their neighbourhoods are.

The US has to stop looking inwards all the time, at the same time as trying to exert so much power beyond its own shores.


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