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Terrorism is a real threat

For the Chief Constable of the PNSI to claim the armed takeover of the south Armagh village of Meigh was a stunt is quite astonishing and appalling.

Is he indicating that he has intelligence that the same terrorists have now conveniently wrapped the array of heavy armaments up for their next stunt or street theatre appearance? I think not.

It confirms, if proof was needed, that the strategic approach of decommissioning Army installations and police stations was somewhat premature and, if anything, has allowed armed terrorists a free reign to carry out criminality with impunity.

In any other democratic country there would have been an appropriate and responsible response which would obviously require Army deployment both at the time of the incident and in the subsequent days.

However, we have the politicisation of policing here in Northern Ireland to facilitate a

process to secure devolution of policing and justice — an IRA/Sinn Fein demand.

Thus both the police and the general public will be further exposed to the very real threat of terrorism in towns and villages across Northern Ireland.


Moira, Co Armagh

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