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Terrorists fell short in Ulster, not unionists

I NOTE with interest the letter from Clive Kirkwood (Write Back, November 30) regarding Nigel Dodds' speech to the DUP conference.

Mr Dodds was absolutely right to make it clear that his party will not allow the record to be rewritten, or make it appear that the actions of unionist leaders of the past in any way justified 40 years of terrorist violence.

The DUP did take issue with unionist leaders for the actions that they took which weakened Northern Ireland and for doing that which was not in the best interests of our country. And they were right to do so.

However, it was a sad sight indeed to see a unionist go to a Sinn Fein event and say that unionists "fell short" and had "hard and painful" questions about the past to ask themselves when we consider that Sinn Fein refuses to give information about the past and refuses to acknowledge the role they and the IRA played.

Those who supported terrorism are the people who fell short and have hard and painful questions to ask themselves.

Without the work of the DUP, we would not be where we are today. Mr Kirkwood should realise that the DUP's actions have been vindicated.




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