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Terrorists have no support

Forty years ago there was a split within the IRA when the then leader, Cathal Goulding, decided to pursue a more political approach to solving the problems in Northern Ireland. This split resulted in the formation of the Provisional IRA in January 1970.

Am I the only person who detects a hint of deja vu with the current situation relating to dissident republican groups?

As the attacks by these dissident republicans become more frequent and, worryingly, more sophisticated, it is the responsibility of all free-thinking members of the public in Northern Ireland to say enough is enough.

The one mitigating factor is that, in the current situation, these thugs do not have the support of the nationalist population.

It is time for the people of Northern Ireland to make a stand and not to allow this small minority of so-called 'freedom fighters' to de-rail the peace process.


Portadown, Co Armagh


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