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Terrorists in power wrecks our shared future

IT would be lovely if the people of Northern Ireland could have a shared future. However, I fear the omens are not good.

At the time of partition, when republicans had more than three-quarters of the island, it was not enough. They wanted it all.

There was much talk that Northern Ireland was a "cold house" for Catholics. However, the Catholic population here grew, while the Protestant population of the Republic diminished.

Republicans refuse to accept that Northern Ireland is British, though they are more than ready to accept British money.

The Belfast Agreement is amoral, undemocratic and one-sided, pandering to terrorists from both sides with no consideration for those who suffered at their hands.

If republicans really wanted a shared future, they would not have selected candidates who were convicted of murder, or were involved in the terrorist campaign.

Having such people in government is a deep insult to all decent, law-abiding people.

In his article in the Belfast Telegraph (Comment, August 13), Laurence Robertson MP talked of "double standards" between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK regarding policing.

But he ignored the double standards regarding the treatment of terrorists and the presence of terrorists in government.

Until this elephant in the room is recognised, there is no chance of a shared future.


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