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Terrorists need to realise past won't disappear

SHOULD the statement by Peter Rogers regarding his IRA past and details of those who commanded his actions (News, April 24) come as a surprise to the unionist community? The honest answer has to be no.

Gerry Adams has consistently denied being a member of the IRA and Martin McGuinness says he stopped being a member "in the 1970s". No one with any wit believes them. The Boston tapes infer that Adams was the man who gave the order for the murder of Jean McConville.

This then infers that not only was he aware of the 'Disappeared', he was an active participant in creating the fear that removing people from society to an unknown death and burial created for the families. Clearly, Gerry is ashamed – rightly – of his terrorist past; the easy way to get round it is to deny it. If Martin McGuinness was giving orders about taking explosives to the British mainland in the 1980s, he would need to review his service record with the IRA and update the information in the public domain.

The past – the who-did-what-where-and-when – is very much in the public eye. Sinn Fein wants the past (and in many cases their past) to simply go away. To paraphrase an infamous IRA line, "It hasn't gone away, you know" and you need to know that it will not go away.

The terrorist past of all active terrorists will, I hope, haunt them all – loyalist and republican alike – until their dying day.


MLA for West Tyrone

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