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Thanks for good Samaritans like Stephen Nolan

How good it is to read in the Belfast Telegraph how our unsung hero, Stephen Nolan, came to the assistance of Ryan Pedlow (News, April 24). That is what is good about this newspaper: one reads good news, too.

I ran the medical room in a homeless centre in the UK on a voluntary basis and dealt with burns, fractures, infections, infestations, homeless who were addicted to drugs, many teenage girls who were pregnant and the toilets was where they slept.

The man whom I treated for infestation lived on the streets. His ulcerated leg was home to all kinds of germs. Yet, when he was younger, he was a fully-qualified architect. Unfortunately, he developed severe joint pain and his painkilling medication was not able to control the pain, so he turned to alcohol.

At his funeral, the priest introduced the grieving family to the one who cared for him and I had the privilege of being that person.


Newtownabbey, Co Antrim

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