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The 1967 Abortion Act has accounted for 8m victims, its extension to Northern Ireland would see even more

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Clare Bailey of the Green Party has written that abortion law in Northern Ireland should be reformed because a couple were charged under the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act. However, the validity of an Act is not related to its date of legislation.

Note the title of the Act: the personhood of the developing child from conception cannot be denied by pro-abortionists.

However, Ms Bailey wants what she calls safe, regulated abortion, which would permit the child to be attacked and killed at will.

She refers to the mental health problems of the young woman. These can can be taken into consideration under the existing law.

Eamonn McCann has recently cited three cases where abortion was permitted by the Belfast High Court between 1993 and 1995 on mental health grounds.

Ms Bailey refers to health service care for people who misuse drugs. Such people are harming only themselves. In pregnancy two human lives are intertwined.

Recently Alison Hackett wrote claiming that the baby in the womb is part of the mother by virtue of the umbilical cord. Not true.

The cord and placenta have the same DNA as the baby and form no part of the mother. They are designed to pass nourishment from mother to baby without their blood flows ever mixing.

The mother has the responsibility to nourish the child until birth. Would she withhold her breast milk if no other supply were available?

I have the impression that Ms Bailey would like the 1967 Abortion Act extended to Northern Ireland. As applied in England, it means abortion on demand. It has accounted for eight million victims so far.


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