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The act of protest is a democratic right

I am writing to take exception to Finnoula Meredith's column of Friday, December 16. In this column she attacked those protesting against Brexit and Donald Trump's election, branding them as "remoaners" and "whingers" and accusing them of arrogance.

Protest is a democratic right, a right that millions, from both sides of the Atlantic, fought and died to preserve. To claim that those exercising this right are "arrogant" is in fact an act of arrogance.

I'd have no problems with the Brexit vote if it wasn't for the fact many voted for it based on the lie that £350m a week would be spent on the NHS - a promise that was binned by Nigel Farage not 10 minutes after the referendum result was announced.

As for the US election result, how did it represent 'democracy' when over a million more people voted for Clinton?

Yes, Trump won because of the US Electoral College, a system that he only four years ago demanded be abolished. Now it goes his way, he loves it?

I don't recall Ms Meredith writing a column four years ago branding Trump a "whinger" for not accepting the 2012 US election result.

Instead of attacking people who protest, she should be proud she lives in a country where protest is allowed.

Robin Duke



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