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The Bible gives better science for Giant's Causeway

Sorry, Fionola Meredith (Comment, July 11), but it is impossible to keep God out of science.

Without reference to the Bible at all, it is self-evident that: (1) God made the universe and everything in it - including the human race; (2) He made an orderly universe, capable of rational investigation; and (3) He gave human beings the physical and intellectual capacity to investigate the universe.

The existence of these natural realities alone are all that is needed for science to function.

However, science works even better when God's revealed truth in the Bible is taken into consideration.

With reference to the Giant's Causeway, the Biblical revelation of the Creation and the entrance of sin into the world resulting in the Universal Flood are sufficient to provide an explanation of the modern tourist attraction.

Furthermore, this explanation fits the evidence much better than the evolutionary theory.


Dundonald, Co Down


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