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The Bible, not science, is the ultimate truth

Reading 'A powerful wind could have led to the parting of the Red Sea' (News, September 19), I was struck by a number of things:

1. Scientists believe that the Exodus account of the children of Israel crossing the Red Sea is true;

2. Scientists have demonstrated how the waters could have divided to allow for the sea to be crossed on dry land; and

3. The only thing they couldn't work out was why the sea parted at the exact time that the children of Israel needed to get across.

This just shows that science has its limitations.

Could I also comment on the book supplied with the paper on the same day? It is fantastic. But dinosaurs couldn't have died out 65 million years ago because red blood cells have been extracted from T-Rex bones by scientists at Montana State University.

We need to stop believing in fantasy and return to the truth of the Bible.

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