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The bigots yet again drag us through mud

Once again I have had to walk into my office to a barrage of questions from my German colleagues about the troubles in Northern Ireland.

Once again I try to briefly explain the effects European politics since the time of Henry VIII have had on our little Island.

The recent violence in east Belfast is once again an embarrassment for all Irish people.

The marching season is approaching and once more a minority of people have dragged the Irish reputation through the mud.

It shames me to see such scenes. Ireland has had, God knows, more than its share of problems.

Yet, rather than do something about this, a few individuals feel its more important to sully our good name by attacking each other for something that started hundreds of years ago.

You are all Christians and Irishmen.

Please stop the violence and get on with your lives. Stop making the rest of us look bad.

Life is hard enough without creating problems where none should actually exist.


Hamburg, Germany


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