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The buck stops with politicians

In September, the plight of the family of the innocent toddler Aylan Kurdi broke the hearts of people around the world. In November, the plight of the families of the dead and injured in the Paris atrocity did the same.

Now we read the kneejerk reaction that all Syrian refugees should be suspects and, for this reason, assistance to them should cease.

It's time for people to demand more from elected politicians than "empty, meaningless words" (in Yeats' phrase). The voter elects the politician; alas, the voter's responsibility does not stop there. The world is getting smaller every day.

We require politicians of great integrity, well-informed about international and EU policies, as equally as local and national politics, with the ability to make change where required. As the sign on former US President Dwight Eisenhower's desk stated: "The buck stops here".


Berwick, Australia

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